a new side garden design by The Landscape Consultants Luke Downs came to landscaping from a start in forestry, in England.

Prior to coming to Canada, he was a director of a large landscaping company near Oxford, with responsibility for designing and administering major commercial projects across the region.

After arriving in the Parksville area in 1992, it was not long before he had set up own business. The experience gained on the commercial projects in England has been put to good use here in designing the landscaping at four Quality Foods stores and carrying out the installation contracts at the Parksville and Qualicum Beach stores and the Head Office, as well as other light industrial/ commercial developments.

Other design work includes sub-contracts for architects, surveyors and planning consultants, who need a landscape design as part of the development permit application process. Examples include the Qualicum Landing development and a number of private, waterfront homes, whose requirements include appropriate “maritime interface vegetation”. heartshaped garden designed by the Landscape Consultants

Most of the work is carried out in private gardens of all sizes, from 14 spacious acres in Nanoose Bay to patio town homes up and down the district.

Luke’s artistic vision and knowledge of plants, and their preferences and habits, come together to produce a visually satisfying result whatever the situation.

As well as design and planting, there are ancillary aspects of a full landscaping scheme, which the business undertakes.garden tree blooming

These include underground irrigation systems, all kinds of fencing, except chain-link, ponds, arbors and pergolas.

To continue to get full value from your planting, it is well to ensure that someone, who knows what they are doing, does any pruning required and here Luke is an acknowledged expert in the field. He is asked to put on an annual seminar on the subject at two local garden centres, 

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